The Rock.

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Hughie Gallacher – Rams TV

Thank You Rams TV and Wathall’s Funeral Directors.

Thank You Derby County F.C.

We Did It πŸ‘€

Unbelievable Tribute.

The First In The Land !

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Hughie Gallacher Tribute

Hughie Gallacher Tribute in Derby

Finally. All the hard work in Derby has paid off. Thank You to Peter Seddon (Steve Bloomer’s Biographer) and others who helped. Hughie Gallacher will be recognised with a small Brick Tribute in Derby on Monday 13th December at Pride Park. Hughie Gallacher Jr will be coming down from Gateshead with his two sons to see it revealed.

Hughie Gallacher / Jr

A brilliant morning spent in Gateshead in the company of Hughie Gallacher Jr.

The son of the legendary Hughie Gallacher. 85 Years Old. Lovely Man.

He was well impressed with my Cigarette Card Collection of his father. And all the other things I had collected. Kalwinder Singh Dhindsa

Thankfully he has kept all his father’s memorabilia too.

The legend will always live on.

Two Derby born men.

Two Sons who lost their fathers to suicide.

United in grief.Refusing to let their memories be forgotten.

I gave him a signed copy of my book ‘Pear Tree Rampart’.

The first poem within dedicated to his father called ‘Hughie’.

He also signed some pictures for me of his dad and him together.


I will now turn my attention to erecting tributes up and down the nation for his father.

It starts in Derby.


All but confirmed Hughie Gallacher was not related to Sir Matt Busby.

Both born in Bellshill.

Although Busby might have been related to Hughie’s first wife.

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The King of Rome Returns Home – Derby

Pigeon Dynamite πŸ‘‘πŸ¦

Reclaimed for my people #Derby

Diploma originally presented to Charles Hudson in 1922.

Few months after the death of his Legendary Racing Pigeon – The King of Rome.

Very Rare Genuine Photograph of KOR.

Belongs in a Museum.

If you are not aware of the story behind this legend.

Listen to my friend Dave Sudbury’s song – The King of Rome.

The greatest folk song ever written in my opinion.

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Pear Tree Soldier

Saw it on Monday in a Charity Shop. Walked away. Changed my mind went back later in the day. Shop closed.

Went back on Tuesday twice. Shop closed.

Went back on Wednesday. Shop open.

Bought it. I’m taking you Home old boy. Let’s find out who you are?

What type of motor cycle you are riding? #PearTreeSoldier

I carefully took it out of the frame.

The photo/print seems to be glued onto the board. No getting behind it.The only writing that was in the frame is the numbers.

65 / 48702

What does that mean? Is it a record? Serial Number? Army number? I’ve not given up on it yet. It will find a home 😊


Update 1:”Hiya I have been looking at your post the numbers 48702 are a identity number /service number if you can get to

Nottingham there is a military museum in the castle if you took it there they might be able to help you identify the unit and who the person in the picture might be?”

Update 2: I’m planning to re-home it at my old Pear Tree Community Junior School in Pear Tree, Derby. The children will see it every day 😊

I’ve decided to donate my #PearTreeSoldier Photo to my old School.

Pear Tree Community Junior School will add it to their History of Derby Staircase 😊

Its nice to know that this picture will be looked upon by many again.

To teach the children of Pear Tree about the history of our old Town.

Our people’s contribution.

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Normanton Brick Revisited.

I just got back home from Middleton, Leeds with my Normanton Bricks.

Not far from Elland Road.

It was lovely hearing some Leeds accents whilst asking for directions and talking to my sellersΒ πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

This Normanton Brick may not have been made in Normanton, Derby. Afterall it was found in Leeds.

But I love the Normanton logo on it.

Much better quality than other single ‘Normanton’ ones I have seen in Museums.
Normanton brick photographed at the Silk Mill Museum, Derby.

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Art Deco

In 1941 the town of Derby was defended by several AA batteries. including Allestree, Littleover and Thulston.Three more were in Spondon, one on Locko Road, one on Dale Road, and a Bofors Light AA on the site of the garden allotments at Moult Avenue.
Many ATS girls were befriended by ATC cadets, including Peggy and her friends and we shared dances together at the Dale Road site and the Mission hut on Stony Lane. The 498 Bty was moved to Grimsby, Whitby and finally to the South Coast in 1944 for the D-Day preparations.

WW2 People’s War

Historic England

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The search for Dr Raymond Chapman

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Derby Ram Trail.

“Derby Museums are delighted to share with you β€˜The Derby Ram’


– a collaborative animated poem based on lantern slides found in our collection, in celebration of BBC Arts#MuseumPassion– and to get you excited for the Derby Ram Trail.
The story features the Derby Ram, which according to legend was ten yards high with enormous horns and a huge flowing fleece, and tells how people came from all over to see it. We are excited that people will once again flock to Derby to enjoy the free family art trail from 27 May to 22 August 2021.
We hope you enjoy the boastful nature of the piece and we would like to thank all of the wonderful collaborators who took time out of lockdown to film themselves delivering this piece and Mediabox Productions for editing and animating this piece.
Sign up to receive trail updates at

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Dennis Allsop’s Pear Tree Teapot.

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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

Priyanka Mehta

Every year 10th September is marked as the world suicide prevention day to raise awareness about the significance of mental health and well-being. The need to talk about depression and its adverse effects especially within the Asian community is more pronounced than ever this year in the wake of the coronavirus induced lockdown and loss.Β 


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