Derbyshire Beacon of Hope Award

I am HONOURED to announce that I’ve been nominated for the #Derbyshire Beacon of Hope Award πŸ…

Thank you for nominating me πŸ‘

Derby City Council

Derbyshire County Council

Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire

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Art Deco

In 1941 the town of Derby was defended by several AA batteries. including Allestree, Littleover and Thulston.Three more were in Spondon, one on Locko Road, one on Dale Road, and a Bofors Light AA on the site of the garden allotments at Moult Avenue.
Many ATS girls were befriended by ATC cadets, including Peggy and her friends and we shared dances together at the Dale Road site and the Mission hut on Stony Lane. The 498 Bty was moved to Grimsby, Whitby and finally to the South Coast in 1944 for the D-Day preparations.

WW2 People’s War

Historic England

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The search for Dr Raymond Chapman

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Derby Ram Trail.

“Derby Museums are delighted to share with you β€˜The Derby Ram’


– a collaborative animated poem based on lantern slides found in our collection, in celebration of BBC Arts#MuseumPassion– and to get you excited for the Derby Ram Trail.
The story features the Derby Ram, which according to legend was ten yards high with enormous horns and a huge flowing fleece, and tells how people came from all over to see it. We are excited that people will once again flock to Derby to enjoy the free family art trail from 27 May to 22 August 2021.
We hope you enjoy the boastful nature of the piece and we would like to thank all of the wonderful collaborators who took time out of lockdown to film themselves delivering this piece and Mediabox Productions for editing and animating this piece.
Sign up to receive trail updates at

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Dennis Allsop’s Pear Tree Teapot.

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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

Priyanka Mehta

Every year 10th September is marked as the world suicide prevention day to raise awareness about the significance of mental health and well-being. The need to talk about depression and its adverse effects especially within the Asian community is more pronounced than ever this year in the wake of the coronavirus induced lockdown and loss.Β 


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Nottingham Road Cemetery – Calladine.

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The Normanton Brick Mystery.

So it seems this Brick of mine may not have been made in Derby but Normanton, Yorkshire. Although I collected it from the Normanton, Pear Tree neighbourhood of Derby. Not far from the old Normanton Barracks that was demolished in the early 1980s.

This Brick itself was collected from opposite the old Brick Yard in Sinfin and then taken home to Pear Tree. Yesterday it was found and dug up from a garden path with many other bricks like it.

Was it originally part of the Barracks? It may still have been? But to be honest even it wasn’t. It still says Normanton on it. And it was found in Normanton, Derby.

I’m happy with that.

I’m a Normanton Man πŸ™‚

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The Search for Hughie Gallacher – Update.

I returned to Eastcroft Avenue to knock on some doors again today. In the process I met this lovely man, Philip Semple who took me on a tour of the area to visit his elderly relation.

We are now going to work together to try and find Hughie’s old house.

He also filled me in on eX Rams players who lived nearby.

Charlie George lived at New Mount Close. Peter Shilton used to live at Blagreaves Hall, the old home of the legendary Colonel Vassal Charles Steer-Webster #DDay


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The Search for Hughie Gallacher in Derby.


A little breakthrough…. as I was reading the occupation of the father you will have noticed me stumble on a word.

Having conversed with Peter Seddon it seems that word was the name of the house.



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Searching for Methven and Field.

Searching for Jimmy Methven on Rosamonds Ride, Littleover, Derby.


Searching for Jimmy Methven at St Chads Road, Derby.

In relation to Zofija Kaczan, she was actually attacked further up the road and tragically died in hospital a few days later.
Ernest Walter Hives, 1st Baron HivesΒ CH MBE
(21 April 1886 – 24 April 1965), was the one-time head of theΒ Rolls-Royce Aero EngineΒ division and chairman of Rolls-Royce Ltd.
Hives was born inΒ Reading, Berkshire. During theΒ Second World WarΒ he was closely involved with the design of theΒ MerlinΒ engine as well as numerous later Rolls-RoyceΒ jet engines. He began his working life in a local garage. However, in 1903 he got a job working atΒ C.S. Rolls‘ car company, after fixing Rolls’ car.


Searching for Edgar Field on Fairfield Road, Derby.

“In May 2008, a photograph of the 1876 England team was discovered in the archives of the Derby City Council Local Studies Library by Peter Seddon. Field had sent the photograph to the Derbyshire Football Express, and the picture was used in an article published on the 50th anniversary of the match. This is believed to be the earliest known picture of an England football team”


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Black Jack.

Please Keep Supporting the Jack Leslie Campaign.

If you want a reminder as to why this statue project is so important.

Have a read and listen of my poem…


‘Black Jack’

by Kalwinder Singh Dhindsa

#PoetryΒ #RacismΒ #Football




Black Jack – Poem

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Steve Bloomer’s Grave – Nottingham Road Cemetery.

A visit to Nottingham Road Cemetery, Derby to locate the grave of Steve Bloomer.



Steve Bloomer’s Grave

Guided Tour of Location


The last time I was at Bloomer’s grave 12 years ago I’m sure I noticed the grave of his Father, Mother & Brother close by.
I did not notice it around today? That’s why I was wondering if Bloomer’s grave had been moved and why I found it so difficult to locate this time?
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A Letter from America 😲

What a lovely gift ☺️

When Raman was in Derby HospitalΒ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§Β for an appendix operation. Tony ShrekΒ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈΒ asked if I had a favourite Baseball playerΒ πŸ‘‰πŸ½Β Jim Rice (Boston Red Sox)Β β›‘

Tony sent Raman 2 @Topps @MLB Baseball Cards from his personal collection ❀️⚾

A Jim Rice Card and a Steven Matz Card (Artwork by Blake Jamieson).


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Home Away From Homeland – Racism.

“This is all about racists and anti-racists – you’re either in one camp or the other”

Author and poetΒ Kalwinder Singh DhindsaΒ – who has faced racism throughout his life – discusses the Black Lives Matter movement.

He also shares one of his recent poems at the start of the video.

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