My Story

I have now released Part One of  of my book My Father & The Lost Legend of Pear Tree (MF & TLLoPT).

A true story about a Doctor Who loving Sikh Derby boy and his quest for happiness.

This whole story centres around my late father and how I have tried to make something positive come out of his death.

As well as how I have tried to come to terms with it all and make sure that he is never forgotten.

The story is told in two parts over two years whilst I am working as a Teacher at John Port School in Etwall, Derbyshire.

Part One is mainly about the days leading up to my father’s death and the subsequent days and weeks after. Flashbacks to the past also reveal happier times as well as the days and weeks before and after his death.

Part Two starts with a new academic year at John Port School. However, life begins to get me down. I realise that I need to get out. This is not the life I wanted. I decide that I must walk away. To start again.

I then reconnect with a ghostly pale face from the past who guides me on a journey of regeneration and discovery. The rest is History.

“If you build it. He will come”

Kalwinder Singh Dhindsa

“Sometimes you forget. Then you remember. Then you realise why you must never forget”

“Mohinder Singh Dhindsa”

By khalsir

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