It has now been just over two months since I published my debut book ‘My Father & The Lost Legend of Pear Tree – Part One’. In that time I have shifted close to 200 units. These sales have come from Kindle sales, CreateSpace Print sales (Amazon) as well as individual sales, which I have been asked to personally sign.

Waterstones in Derby and Derby County Football Club are now stocking them in their respective stores, as well as  Derby City Libraries which now have many copies scattered throughout Derby for the public to borrow.

During this time I have also appeared in the local Derby Evening Telegraph, been interviewed by Nihal on the BBC Asian Network  and been seen on ITV Central News. In all three cases I have used the media platform to try and push Mental Health Awareness in the Asian Community.

I have also managed to get a number of good reviews on Amazon.

Am I happy? I guess most people would be, but I’m not most people. I want my story to be read and shared even more widely. However, I get the impression that there still seems to be a block in the mentality of some people who just don’t want to share it or can’t. Or maybe they feel they just don’t have the words to express themselves.

The stigma and the taboo around mental illness is still too strong for people to want to share their thoughts and opinions. I had no choice when I was writing this book. I knew what I was doing would be brutal and upsetting, but there was no way my father’s story was going to remain untold. He was a good man whose mind was corrupted by mental illness. The Asian Community in particular need to be aware of the dangers of not addressing these issues. The longer we stay deaf and blind to it, more people will die unnecessarily. Good people who deserve better.

In the hope of getting even more reviews and shares in the last day or so I’ve even reduced the Kindle price to £1.99. That is how desperate I am to make sure that my father’s story is not forgotten.

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