Homelands Revisited

Today is March 12th 2017.

It has been one full year since the since the death of Marjorie Calow. Marjorie was a student at Homelands Grammar School for Girls in the early 1940s. She later came back to Teach as Mrs Harrison.

In late 2016 Philip Heath left a post on the wall of this group informing that he had the original ‘Homelands Grammar School for Girls – Honours Boards’ and if anybody wanted them he would be happy to give them away. If not they would be disposed of. I quickly replied saying that I would give them a good home.

Philip is the co-executor of Marjorie’s estate. On October 1st 2016 I drove down to Melbourne to collect the Boards. During this visit I was also given a box of Marjorie’s Homelands possessions.

In this box I found two booklets, one was called ‘Homelands Remembered’ and the other ‘Homelands from the beginning 1938-43’.

Both books were put together by Homelands Old Girls.

I wanted to share these books with this group, but the last thing I wanted to do was just scan them. That would have been too easy.

So with permission I asked if I could reissue them in book form, with extra memories, profiles and information. To give these memories a wider audience and also acknowledge the hard work and effort that was initially put into these booklets to keep the memory of Homelands alive.

Today I will reveal the Cover Art designed by Tamás Miklós Fülep another Homelands Old Boy.


The book itself, called ‘Homelands Revisited’ should be released before the end of this month.

I’ll also be on Radio Derby later in the evening talking about the book.

My ‘Homelands Revisited’ Interview on BBC Radio Derby today with Satvinder Rana

Any money made from this book will be used:

– To restore the Honours Boards and give them a new home.

– To erect a plaque at the old school site (Village Primary School).

Compiled by Kalwinder Singh Dhindsa
Cover Art by Tamás Miklós Fülep
Foreword by Philip Heath

img001 copy 6

Marjorie Calow of Melbourne



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