Steve Wetton Review

Steve Wetton was my eX Teacher at Pear Tree Juniors School almost 30 years ago. He only ever taught me for an hour but left a lasting mark. I’ll mention more about him in Part Two of ‘My Father & The Lost Legend of Pear Tree’
on 21 June 2017
You might naturally expect a book written by a young man about the struggles he endured following the suicide of his dearly loved father to be a harrowing and depressing read. But in this instance you’d be completely wrong. This is a beautifully written book that comes straight from the heart. It pulls no punches but it offers hope and encouragement to anyone who may find themselves or anyone they know in a similarly tragic situation.

Kalwinder manages to do this without preaching or lecturing to his readers but just by simply and modestly writing about the ways he tackled things himself.

I think this book works on two levels. Firstly on a person to person level but also on a larger and more general level. At a time in this world when tensions between racial and political factions have never seemed so dangerous and threatening this book could hardly have come at a more appropriate time.

Kalwinder is from the Sikh community and very proud of his origins. But he is equally proud of the friends he’s made in this country and willing to embrace the aspects of our cultures and traditions he approves of without prejudice. For example he has helped to have monuments to Derby celebrities, Brian Clough and Steve Bloomer and helped to write a book about a school he attended here as a teenager. But most important of all is Kalwinder’s approach to life in general. Instead of anger and despair he seeks tolerance and understanding. We need more people like this in our society and I wish him all the luck in the world.

Steve Wetton.

By khalsir

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