Whooverville X

I appeared at Whooverville X yesterday and met some great people.


Here I am with Paul Cornell. Paul and his Doctor Who story ‘Father’s Day’ appear in Part One of my own story. It was nice to chat to him and share my love of that particular episode and how much he meant to me as it was the last episode I ever watched with my father.


Here I am with a fellow Doctor Who fan by the name of Helena. She had already read Part One and was very much looking forward to reading Part Two. It was great to chat to her.


And here I am with the actor David Gooderson who played Davros in Destiny of the Daleks. Incredibly, I found out that he was born in Lahore. So in effect he is a Punjabi like myself. I had a good chat with him. A very nice man. He also once appeared in Lovejoy too.

By khalsir

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