‘There is a light at the end of tunnel’

Author opens up about dealing with dad’s suicide.

‘My dad spent his whole life helping people but he didn’t have the outlet he needed’

Kalwinder Singh was 26 years old when his dad Mohinder took his own life.

The news came just months after Mohinder’s brother and Kal’s uncle died by suicide after battling depression for years.

Struggling with the heartbreaking news, Kal thought he would never be happy again.

But, 14 years on, he is sharing the story of his grief to help others through similar trauma and give people hope.

The now 40-year-old has written a two-part book about his dad’s life, history and his own grieving process.

“When it happened I just couldn’t get my head around it,” Kal said.

“I thought I would never be happy again but now after all this time I have hindsight and I have learned a lot.”

He hopes that by sharing his story, he will help others.

Leicester Mercury

24 SEP 2019

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