Derby Sketching Club

A portrait sitting at the Derby Sketching Club.

It was a great honour to be invited to have my portrait sketched/painted at the Derby Sketching Club.

The members of the club are a  fantastic and talented bunch of artists.

The Derby Sketching Club is a members’ club now meeting in LittleoverDerbyEngland. It was founded in 1887, and still meets today, providing members with facilities so they and others can work and share their interest in painting and sketching.[1] Early members included F. Booty, Alfred John Keene, William Swindell, George Thompson, Charles Terry and Frank Timms.

Ernest Townsend, R. W. Bardill, Harold Gresley and J. P. Wale.

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TownsEnd by Kalwinder Singh Dhindsa

#Derby #Nazi #RollsRoyce #PearTreeRampage #Poetry



X-Hibition & Ad-Hibition by Kalwinder Singh Dhindsa.

#Derby #Derbyshire #Art #Poetry



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