Searching for Methven and Field.

Searching for Jimmy Methven on Rosamonds Ride, Littleover, Derby.


Searching for Jimmy Methven at St Chads Road, Derby.

In relation to Zofija Kaczan, she was actually attacked further up the road and tragically died in hospital a few days later.
Ernest Walter Hives, 1st Baron Hives CH MBE
(21 April 1886 – 24 April 1965), was the one-time head of the Rolls-Royce Aero Engine division and chairman of Rolls-Royce Ltd.
Hives was born in Reading, Berkshire. During the Second World War he was closely involved with the design of the Merlin engine as well as numerous later Rolls-Royce jet engines. He began his working life in a local garage. However, in 1903 he got a job working at C.S. Rolls‘ car company, after fixing Rolls’ car.


Searching for Edgar Field on Fairfield Road, Derby.

“In May 2008, a photograph of the 1876 England team was discovered in the archives of the Derby City Council Local Studies Library by Peter Seddon. Field had sent the photograph to the Derbyshire Football Express, and the picture was used in an article published on the 50th anniversary of the match. This is believed to be the earliest known picture of an England football team”


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