Pear Tree Soldier

Saw it on Monday in a Charity Shop. Walked away. Changed my mind went back later in the day. Shop closed.

Went back on Tuesday twice. Shop closed.

Went back on Wednesday. Shop open.

Bought it. I’m taking you Home old boy. Let’s find out who you are?

What type of motor cycle you are riding? #PearTreeSoldier

I carefully took it out of the frame.

The photo/print seems to be glued onto the board. No getting behind it.The only writing that was in the frame is the numbers.

65 / 48702

What does that mean? Is it a record? Serial Number? Army number? I’ve not given up on it yet. It will find a home 😊


Update 1:”Hiya I have been looking at your post the numbers 48702 are a identity number /service number if you can get to

Nottingham there is a military museum in the castle if you took it there they might be able to help you identify the unit and who the person in the picture might be?”

Update 2: I’m planning to re-home it at my old Pear Tree Community Junior School in Pear Tree, Derby. The children will see it every day 😊

I’ve decided to donate my #PearTreeSoldier Photo to my old School.

Pear Tree Community Junior School will add it to their History of Derby Staircase 😊

Its nice to know that this picture will be looked upon by many again.

To teach the children of Pear Tree about the history of our old Town.

Our people’s contribution.

By khalsir

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