Hughie Gallacher / Jr

A brilliant morning spent in Gateshead in the company of Hughie Gallacher Jr.

The son of the legendary Hughie Gallacher. 85 Years Old. Lovely Man.

He was well impressed with my Cigarette Card Collection of his father. And all the other things I had collected. Kalwinder Singh Dhindsa

Thankfully he has kept all his father’s memorabilia too.

The legend will always live on.

Two Derby born men.

Two Sons who lost their fathers to suicide.

United in grief.Refusing to let their memories be forgotten.

I gave him a signed copy of my book ‘Pear Tree Rampart’.

The first poem within dedicated to his father called ‘Hughie’.

He also signed some pictures for me of his dad and him together.


I will now turn my attention to erecting tributes up and down the nation for his father.

It starts in Derby.


All but confirmed Hughie Gallacher was not related to Sir Matt Busby.

Both born in Bellshill.

Although Busby might have been related to Hughie’s first wife.

By khalsir

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