The Destroying Angel of Pear Tree

Last Tuesday I spent a good couple of hours giving Matt Barlow of the Daily Mail a tour of Pear Tree in Normanton, Derby.

Once home to Derby County Football Club.

The old neighbourhood where Steve Bloomer was raised.

Still Watching

Steve Bloomer had boot deals more than 100 years ago and his goals put him up there with Cristiano Ronaldo… he was a prisoner of war who became known as the ‘Destroying Angel’

  • Steve Bloomer is fifth on the list for league goals in Europe’s top five divisions
  • He is Derby’s all-time top goalscorer and is still well clear over 100 years later
  • Bloomer was known as the ‘Destroying Angel’ and even had his own boot deal
  • He was held at a prison camp in WWI and turned to football to fight depression 

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