Derby Silk Mill Book Signing


On Saturday 10th June 2017 I attended the Derby Book Fair Event at the Derby Silk Mill. However, this year I appeared as an Author for the first time. In the previous two years I was a volunteer for the Derby Book Festival.

I had a great day and met some lovely people. Some I knew from the past and some I had never met before. It was great to be there to talk about my life and my writing and especially the books I have released.


Thank you once again to Steve Bloomer for watching over me 🙂

And Steve Wetton for being by my side.

I also did a reading from Chapter One of My Father & The Lost Legend of Pear Tree – Part One.

Thank You to everyone who attended and engaged with me.


Picture: Derby Telegraph

It was a great honour to be there in the presence of the Silk Mill ‘Weeping Window’ Poppies too, knowing that I also designed the Sikh Poppy Khanda for the Royal British Legion a few years previously.DB5atyxXcAA3Dr0.jpgDB5atiiXoAAC3l2.jpg

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